CB offers technological solutions to customers of different sectors, using CAD - CAM processes adapted ad hoc for multiple types of solutions. Starting from the definition of mathematical models and product specs, we go through programming the sequential processes, in order to obtain a high qualitative result guaranteeing the best efficiency in short time.

The Company deals with manufacturing of high precision mechanical components, from simplest to more complex, both from machining side and complementary processes side. The development starts interfacing with Customer offering efficient solutions for design and manufacturing, analyzing all aspects and requirements, in order to obtain the ultimate product compliant to initial request.

  • Analysis of CAD mathematical models (possibility of file import from every standard CAD format)
  • Machining simulation in CAM stations
  • Machining processes analysis in machinery on-board with Quick CAM  (Mazatrol ®)
  • Definition of tooling and eventual special equipment
  • Design and Production of jigs/clamp equipment/fixing masks
  • Timing and Costs estimation
  • Implementation

The main target of production is Motorsport, today the core of business. This niche sector, characterized by innovative products and a quick and lean production, conduced the Company to perform machining also on alloys and compounds derived from aeronautic and marine sectors, allowing an expansion of the supplied service to these different fields of applications: Aircraft, Aerospace, Naval, and Defense.

At CB are combined an advanced machineries set-up, optimal knowledge of specialized personnel, experience in all sectors of application, and a common spirit of improvement. This allows CB to be a valid and ideal partner for Your requests.