Since its foundation, the CB Special Components lived a continuous evolution, in working areas as well in number of qualified employees, and cutting-edge workstations installed in the plant.

CNC workstations and complementary machineries installed in the Company are distinguished in:

  • Multitasking machineries
  • 3 and 5 axis Milling machineries
  • single and double spindle Lathe machineries
  • Die-sink and Wire-cut EDM machineries
  • Laser marking and engraving stations
  • Shot-Peener, Tumbler, and other accessory machineries

Customer will share the data about finished product to be manufactured, for which are performed the process analysis and critical points evaluation. Most of machining processes is made in-house, for an optimal control of process and product. However, CB can count on the collaboration of partner companies, laying in the same sector, to obtain complementary machining and finishing processes necessary to the creation of the product at its final stage.

External Processes as:
  • Welding of metal alloys, with various methods as TIG, MIG, Oxy-fuel, laser, and similar.
  • Waterjet cut and Laser cut of metallic and polymeric sheets,
    with thickness generally from 1mm to 150mm circa.
  • Weld bonding compounds of epoxy resin and hardener,
    chemical compounds of polymeric base with metal additives, which give final properties similar to welding.
  • Thermal Treatments on metal alloys,
    as hardening and tempering, annealing, precipitation hardening, case hardening, nitriding, stress relieving, and similar.
  • Shot Peening with manual or CNC processes, with glass, corundum or steel microspheres,
    removing possible surface micro-cracks and improving the surface distribution of residual stresses.
  • Grinding on critical geometries for dimension and roughness,
    operation feasible also post treatment and coating, to obtain “clean” surfaces.
  • Oxide Anodizing aesthetics or hard for various kind of Aluminum alloys,
    typically, 5µm < x < 80µm,  with natural color or added color.
  • Classical coatings on steel alloys, as black oxidation, galvanization, nickel plating, chrome plating, and similar,
    to obtain corrosion resistance and a longer durability.
  • Special coatings in order to obtain optimal mechanical properties on working surfaces for heavily stressed components.

Each finished part, before being delivered to Customer, is inspected in metrological control room. During machining phase it’s performed an initial on-board control, with certified and calibrated measuring instruments. The percentage of inspected parts per batch follows internal standard rules, with respect to quantity produced, or can be defined by agreements with the Customer at the act of quotation-order. Metrological room counts a CMM station, mechanical profile detector, optical profile projector, various complementary mechanical measuring tools as internal and external micrometers, calipers, dial gauges, Johnson gauge blocks for calibration and certification, and similar. Customer will obtain a compliancy response from acceptance, or if requested, a detailed report of critical dimensions requested in the technical drawing.

During last years, CB intensively focused its attention on qualitative controls, meticulous processes which ensure an optimal result of the finished product, guaranteeing a secure supply and the service efficiency.