CB Special Components

We rush You race

CB Special Components find its roots in a technologically advanced sector in continuous development, Motorsport.

The Company deals with manufacturing of high precision mechanical components in metal alloys and polymeric compounds, and offers the knowledge about product creation and process strategies.

The spirit of improvement, at the core of a Company in constant growth since its foundation, allowed to extent the horizons to other sectors, similar by product requirements and concept.


Our mission is a service of technical consultancy and a just-in-time prototyping, pointed to guarantee the proper productive efficiency also in the creation of small series, keeping flexibility, quality, and rapidity.

CB offers technological solutions to customers of different sectors, using CAD - CAM processes adapted ad hoc for multiple types of solutions. From the definition of mathematical models and product specs to programming the sequential processes, the goal is a high qualitative result in a short time.


Main target of production is Motorsport, actually the leading sector in business. CBSC collaborates also with companies of Aircraft, Aerospace, Naval and Defense, supplying the proper service to these sectors such different but similar in finished product’s specs and concept.





Vintage car





Machining and
complementary Processes

Since its foundation, the CB Special Components lived a continuous evolution, in working areas as well in number of qualified employees, and cutting-edge workstations installed in the plant.

Most of mechanical machining is made in-house, for an optimal control of process and product. However, CB can count on the collaboration of partner companies, laying in the same sector, to obtain complementary machining and finishing processes necessary to the creation of the product at its final stage.


Custom made +
Made in Italy

Our time in the Company aims to creation of niche products. Our work points toward the reach of excellence, with the maximum focus on details. Our will is that the value at core of this philosophy can be recognized all over the world. We keep going on this route, putting Our efforts for a better future.